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With over 12 million artisans and 500+ craft clusters, India has an enviable inheritance of crafts that is perhaps unparalleled in the world. While the skill and ingenuity of India’s artisans has found appreciation and patrons around the world, many of our craft forms are endangered today. As artisans are often unable to directly engage with markets and buyers, they often rely on middlemen – a relationship that has historically been deeply exploitative. This has driven many to abandon their family legacy of crafts and migrate to cities for unskilled jobs.

Indianartisansonline.com (IAO) is the result of our work over the last 5 years with weavers and artisans across India. We came to the conclusion that large-scale positive impact to artisan’s lives and livelihoods could come through harnessing the power of technology. IAO is India’s first online platform for artisans and their patrons with:

  • A comprehensive artisan directory that aggregates and lists craftsmen from that buyers (individuals and institutions) can contact directly
  • An online store that showcases the exceptional skill and talent of our artisans through a signature collection of handcrafted products and art pieces

While our craft traditions and techniques date back centuries, even today master craftsmen and artisans work with passion and commitment carrying forward the legacy of generations, creating handcrafted products that are unique, exceptional and precious. When we choose to support these handcrafted products, we help keep these traditions alive.

At the end of the day, it is our collective individual action that will make a difference. We hope you visit IAO often and involve yourself in supporting India’s gifted artisans.

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